Transform data
into opportunity.


We bridge the gap between data scientists and executives, and help companies realize meaningful value from their data through AI.


We guide clients through the Data/Analytics + AI Lifecycle:

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Data Engineering

We assess, organize and enhance your data in order to develop opportunities. We match your data to your business challenges.



Once your data is structured, we identify patterns, relationships and insights. We then provide visualization and workflow integration.



We help clients create predictive experiences. We can analyze unstructured data to support those predictions and provide unique context.


AI Thoughts, Insights + Ideas

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Implementing AI Solutions: Where Do I Start?

One of the most common questions we encounter when meeting new firms is how to adopt and start using AI and other analytics technologies.

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Beyond Tools + Technology: Solution-Centric AI

A standard problem in the technology industry - “tools and products in search of a problem.” Our unique approach to AI is driven by business and customer needs.

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Best of Both Worlds: Agency and AI Products

We combine the best of the agency world with a core product offering that sets us apart from others who solely rely on open-source or cloud-based systems.


The Best of Both Worlds: Combining agency services with Urvin owned products and IP.


Data/Analytics + AI Agency

We have decades of experience providing business and customer-centric data/analytics and AI solutions.

Urvin Products + IP

When appropriate, we back our solutions with Urvin owned discovery, detection and predictive products.


Our Difference is more than data science and technologies.



Deep expertise in applied
analytics and AI


User Experience

User experience foundational
to all solutions


Design + Development

Full-stack design and
development capabilities



Highest standards in security
and data privacy


Proprietary Solutions

Access to Urvin products and
IP when appropriate


From consulting through implementation and support, Our Services span the product development lifecycle.


Workshop + Discovery

We have decades of experience applying solutions to huge, complex data sets. Our discovery process includes:

Landscape + Market Analysis
Customer Research
Technology + Data Assessment
Roadmap + Resource Assessment

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Design + Development

Senior, full-stack strategy, design and development teams work closely with your internal teams to provide:

IA, UX / UI Design
Prototyping + User Testing
Data Engineering
Web, Mobile + Application Development
Security & Performance Optimization
Voice, AI + Emerging Technologies


Iteration + Support

Ongoing, we provide data/analytics and technical support as well as experience enhancements which include:

Product Management
Data/Analytics + Business Insight
Customer Insight Programs
New Features + Functionality
Ongoing Performance Enhancements